Empty Nest

23rd August 2017

Today felt like planets aligning….. and my dream, becoming reality!

It has certainly taken a few months to get to this point, but I am sure no good things in life came easy.

I have had to do the move process on my own. Another independent woman learning curve which I have enjoyed mostly. So how does one get rid of all of her things, on her own whilst working a full time job? I tell ya it wasn’t easy. Not to mention trying to carry boxed down stairs to my car. I wasn’t out for profit, to be honest, my things were not worth much. I ended up binning a lot of rubbish and donating a lot of nic knacks, clothes and homewares to charity. I did sell my larger items, but this was more for “removal purposes”. No way in hell I could lift a washing machine or lounge. The proceeds from these went towards buying my GoPro to document my amazing adventures! And today I had items that I couldn’t sell or dispose of myself picked up by a company that recycled the materials. It may of been easier to hire a trailer and take it to the dump, but I felt a lot better my stuff went to charity or was recycled. Hopefully some good “travel karma” will come my way!

As I looked around my empty apartment, I had a great sense of closure. It was my first place I lived on my own, and it was a bright happy apartment that had served its place in my story.

Today also made next year even more real by providing a departure date!!! A few months ago I had started my research with lose ideas of where and what I wanted see. Some places I am doing solo and some with guided tours. One of those places is India. Last night there was a 24 hours sale with G Adventures. I could save $540 if I put my deposit down…… so I did! I need to be in Delhi by 8th April.

The look on my parents face was priceless…. I don’t blame them, like said previously, I jump around a lot with my crazy ideas. Maybe they were expected me to save some money, go away for a few weeks and then come home and get my own place again.

It felt amazing when the removal guys asked when I was leaving and I confidently replied 2nd April!

I love to hear and see the reactions from people when I tell them I am giving up everything to go explore the world. To me it does not seem such a big thing because I have always surrounded myself by people who travel frequently and watch a lot of travel documentaries and read a lot of blogs of people have done similar. But I forget that to many, this is an opportunity that they will never have. Perhaps they have children and a house payment. Perhaps they value career progression or perhaps they are scared to take the plunge.

That is a response I frequently get, “your so brave!”. This empowers me to not only do it for me, but for the others who wish they could.

The best response to date is when I called to cancel my contents insurance because well I no longer have contents! I explained this to the girl on the phone and she was so amazed. At the end of the call she pitched I should do a blog, I advised her I was and she asked for the details to follow me! I was surprised and flattered. Sadly though I had not set the blog up yet nor had a name to give her. If she finds this….please drop me a line!

I feel as though I am in a parade, celebrating my choice and goal for next year and I have people lining the path cheering me on!! This is what I will take with me on my journey.

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