Day 1: Delays, Destitute, Degraded.


12 months in the making and today was the day!! It’s time to spread the wings and jump out of the nest…again for the 4th time, but whose counting, except for maybe my Dad.

In true Skye style, the night before was met with dress up and debuchery with the annual Disney party at the The Court. A fun night out was had by my nearest and dearest. This all seemed like a smashing good idea at the time, however Monday morning was met with me smelling like a drunken sailor topped with a pungent garlic aroma thanks to a late night feast at good old Billy Lee’s in Northbridge!!

The farewell was not as emotional as I expected. I thought I might of been bit of sobbing wreck once on board. But I had to get to the plane first. I normally breeze through security checks as I am organised and know what to not pack in my hand luggage and have any liquids readily accessible. Not this time. They were looking for a tube (of what, I don’t know as I didn’t have anything) and after 2 scans of my items, then proceeded to take everything out and alas after the third scan he found nothing and handed all of my belongings back to me… repack. Thanks mate.

It is extremely hard not to notice airport related procedures after working there for so many years. It has taken nearly 4 years to relax when I travel. But I did notice we were not boarding on time. An announcement soon followed and we were delayed for an hour due to engineering. Most full service airlines I wouldn’t have been too concerned, however this was Jetstar and previous experience meant this had an extremely high chance of being a major delay and cancellation. So I went to seek refuge in a more comfortable spot in the airport and began my wait. An hour and a half later I was in my seat. I was in snoozy mood and thought “great ill get comfy, have something to eat and snooze all the way to Bali”. Next thing I woke up ANOTHER hour later and we were still sitting at the friggin gate at Perth. The excuse the airline provided was “Because it was a public holiday, they had trouble finding someone certified to sign off on the paperwork”!!

Arriving at Denpasar Airport is like an episode of the Amazing Race for me. The airline geek in me took note of arriving aircraft as we taxied in to bay. Once I was off I legged it through the terminal to not get stuck behind larger plane loads of passengers in immigration. I once was seated in the last row of a 747, I was the third through immigration. To me, that’s winning at life!
I make it out in good time and headed for the taxi stand. I walk past the queue for the ATM and it was huge. I thought stuff it I have enough to get to the hotel which is like 5 minute drive. Forgetting that the price has gone up since I last caught an airport taxi (i always have transfers pre booked). I only had about $20 on me and he was charging me $30. In no mood to argue or find a cheaper option I jumped in. The driver was real nice and there was an ATM in front of the hotel. And this is where I panicked. I put my first card in the machine that I use to travel with and it declined. I put a second one in from another bank and it declined. I managed to pull the last $30 from an account to pay the driver. Turns out, one bank automatically blocked my card as soon as it went in the ATM and the other card hasn’t cleared my money transfer over the weekend. So I am without funds for a day or two!!

My poor aunty who was waiting for me for 3 hours thought I wasn’t coming anymore. After some room service and a cold beer I went to bed hoping tomorrow would be a better day.

It was almost a better day except for being nicely insulted first thing after breakfast!! We went for a walk around hotel grounds and checked out the pool and beach. Of course we were swarmed by the usual locals touting for our business. For some reason are hell bent on wanting to plait my hair….I don’t have hair to plait. So after the routine of “PLAIT YOUR HAIR PLAIT YOUR HAIR” “No thank you no thank you” I hear “PLAIT YOUR CHIN?”
PLAIT YOUR CHIN?!!!! WTF which was my exact words and she said no plait…PLUCK. No thank you, you may not plait or pluck my chin, in fact just stay way from it all together!!

Tomorrow, I stay off the street and by the pool……I hear the swim up bar does bar bingo at 2pm!!

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