Day 18: Tharu Home-stay, Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Today we dinned on our breakfast which we had picked out on full stomaches after dinner last night. I had selected a banana pancake. It was a large crepe folded over with banana and honey inside and it was delicious. I had also ordered a milk tea which turned out to be a chai.

After breaky, the group went for a village walk with a guide. It was fascinating to see the villages live off the land. I particularly liked the colouring of some of the houses. Bold green and pink together. We saw lots of little animals running around. The small goats were my favourite. They were sooooo cute! We even came across an elephant going for a walk!. They are used in the National Park for rangers to ride through the jungle making sure there are no animal poachers.


“The one on the left is called ‘Zazzels’, because he is so ‘Zazzely'” – Sheldon Cooper

village walk elephant

My Carol story today was when she asked if she could see inside a house. I personally thought this was a little rude and intrusive to the people. It’s not Disneyland nor are these movie sets! I wouldn’t want you marching through my house! So I hung back when the guide found someone willing. I was more intrigued by a sheep belting out little “Maaaa” tunes.

We returned to the home-stay and before lunch was some much needed computer time. Uploading of photos, emails all that jazz. Unfortunately I can’t fully disconnect from the world and honestly I don’t want to, but I do pride myself in being able to distinguish which moments only need a few happy snaps and then out the camera away and give it the rest of your present attention.

During this time, a resident goat strolled up to Amanda. Next thing I know she has wrapped her arms around it and swung it up into a baby holding position. We gathered round to shower the little one with affection. Goats are just sooo cute here! I was trying to think of how I could incorporate one when I got home!

goat selfie

After lunch was our safari jeep tour through the jungle national park. Of course the ultimate aim is to see a Tiger. Sadly this did not happen. But we did manage to see Rinos, Peacocks, a Mongoose, Deer and lots of cool birds.

Villages coming back from the park with elephant grass.

safari flowersjeep

Our first Rino was across the water way having a good wallow in the shallow, muddy water. He didn’t move much, but it was still pretty cool to see. We than saw two come out of the grass and swim across the river! We saw another in front of our jeep and watch as he sized us up, came a bit closer but then kept walking across the park and left us alone.

rino 2

When we returned back to the village, we were treated to a cultural dance show. We even got some complimentary popcorn to munch on. At the end there was audience participation. I was enthusiastic for the first few minutes, then I sort of got concerned for my flip flops. I didn’t want a thong blow out on the gravel and my foot was quite swollen and sore. So I excused myself from the dancing and clapping and sat down to take some pics of the others.

cluteral dance

We then had a lovely local dinner of Dal Bhat again. And with full stomaches made selections for tomorrows breakfast.

That evening before bed I assessed my foot again. Something was irritating it and I wasn’t sure what. So I took a cool shower put some antiseptic cream on some little bite looking lumps, which sometimes is just eczema, but best to be on the safe side. I also took an antihistamine and put my pressure stockings on. I had some comments earlier as to why I bought so much in my medical kit when most can be purchased on the road. Well my dear read for times like this, when you are nowhere near a store and can just access it straight away!!


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