Hi, What’s happening, what’s this? what’s going on……

Hello dear reader and welcome to my travel blog….. yes, gasp, how original, another travel blog!

Let me introduce myself to you and hopefully persuade you as to why to why you should love my blog and make it the very first thing you read when you open your eyes in the morning!! Ok that is going a bit too far, that’s what Facebook is for, my blog should be more for when you are procrastinating at work, you know when you start dreaming of being somewhere else or perhaps  when you are on your phone having a sneaky “toilet break” (come on now, we have all done it).

My name is Skye, and ironically I did use to work in aviation for quite a while, yes it’s my real name and no my parents weren’t hippies. I had fallen in love with travel at a young age and due to my airline perks I have had the opportunity to visit some great destinations.

I use to have a dream, a dream to roam around the world at my leisure. I use to get so jealous talking to people on my journeys who had little to no plan. Who had been travelling for months at a time when I was simply on a vacay and had to go home after 2 weeks and get back to my full-time job.

But now, now I have a deadline!! I have until April 8th to save as much money as possible before I quit my very well-paying and most of the time satisfying (and crazy) job and head off into Asia and possibly Central America for as long as the money holds out.

I want to share with you my journeys (past and present). The thing is, I am not a girly girl. You won’t find the fake posing photos of the  sun dress and floppy hat staring off into the horizon. I want to write honestly. Travel is not always fun, it Is sometimes frustrating, painful, dirty and scary. Basically I want to entertain you without having to roll a turd in glitter!

Great Wall of China…..After a painful hour hike up the mountain, sweat and tears but so worth it. Would I do it again? Hell no!

Are you ready? if so…….. BUCKLE UP BUTTERCUP!!!