Skye Gives it a Two Thumbs Up!

Welcome to my recommendations and unpaid endorsement page. Any companies or activities featured are of my opinion, worthy of a mention and need to be shared because I personally enjoyed their services. 



Hangover Hostels – Sri Lanka

I stayed at 2 of their 4 properties in Sri Lanka (Ella and Mirissa) and both stays were very comfortable. The staffs were travellers/long-term workers who have fantastic local knowledge of the area.  Guests are issued with swipe card access to the rooms.Both hostels had large enough lockers for your backpacks/luggage with the Mirissa hostel lockers being accessed with your guest swipe card, so need for a lock. The beds are among the comfiest I have slept on in both hostels and hostels in the Western Asia area. Both are in central locations with Hangover Ella being a comfortable walk from the Ella train  station and main road with many restaurants. Hangover Mirissa is located across the road from the beach and beach side dining.


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